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I was always self conscious of my smile and would often cover my mouth with my hand when I smiled.  With my daughter’s wedding approaching I happened to mention to Dr. Rutter my concerns and ask what my options were to give me that smile I’ve always wished for.  He gave me several options and within a few months with the expertise of Dr. Rutter and his well qualified staff, I had the smile I had always wanted.  It was painless, very affordable, and absolute perfection.  On the day of the wedding when the photographer hollered “Why is the mother of the bride the only one smiling!”, I knew I had made the right decision. I’ve been smiling ever since!

- Linda P.


I have been a patient of Dr. Karin Lamar since about the year 2000.  I followed her in two of her career moves because I have yet to find a dentist who compares with her care and gentleness.  She is soft-spoken and always explains each procedure as she works.  Yes, you can love your dentist!

- Phyllis K.


After 40 years in Vermont we moved to Durham six months ago in order to live closer to our adult children. I developed a dental problem and had planned to travel the 4 hours to Vermont for an appointment with the dentist I had for 39 years. I had an extraordinary fear of dentists and it took a few years to overcome that with my dentist in Vermont. I decided that I would find a dentist in Durham and simply re-experience all of that fear and horrible anxiety again rather than driving round trip to Vermont.  I made an appointment with Dr. Rutter and to my absolute astonishment I was immediately relaxed, comfortable and much assured that his experience, skills and very caring personality convinced me that my trips to Vermont were over!!  I am very grateful to Dr. Rutter for the excellent solution to my dental issue. I now consider Dr. Rutter to be "my dentist": he has my unequivocal recommendation.

- Pat H.


I've always feared the dentist - even when my dentist was a good friend.  Dr. Lamar is so gentle.  She puts me at ease the moment I sit in her chair.  From start to finish, her constant explanation of what is being done and her gentleness gets me through the appointment in a state of calm.

- Donna H.       


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